Top 10 wine blogs for wine lovers – according to ChatGPT!


To mark internationalwineday (May 25th) we decided we’d ask ChatGPT to come up with a top 10 list of wine blogs!

A wine blog is a great way to discover more about wine – not just from experts but also from enthusiasts. Blogs can also bring wine to life in a different way to an article as it allows more freedom for the writer to really express their emotions and thoughts about wine.

There are dozens of wine bloggers, who all share our passion and a top 10 list only scratches the surface.

Here is a list of the top 10 wine blogs, based on their popularity, influence, and quality of content. Please note that the rankings can change over time, and this list is subjective.

🍷 Wine Folly ( – Wine Folly is a highly popular and visually appealing blog that offers educational content, wine guides, infographics, and maps to help wine enthusiasts learn about different regions, grape varieties, and wine styles. It covers a wide range of topics suitable for both beginners and experienced wine lovers.

🍷 Vinography ( – Vinography is an influential wine blog founded by Alder Yarrow. It provides in-depth wine reviews, industry news, and features interviews with winemakers. Vinography has a reputation for its thoughtful and well-written articles, covering a diverse range of wine-related subjects.

🍷 Decanter ( – Decanter is a prominent wine magazine and online platform that covers wine news, reviews, and educational content. It features articles from industry experts, provides wine recommendations, and covers major wine events and competitions. Decanter is known for its extensive global wine coverage and authoritative voice.

🍷 Wine Spectator ( – Wine Spectator is a widely recognized publication that offers a comprehensive range of wine-related content. It includes wine ratings, tasting notes, industry news, feature articles, and food pairing suggestions. Wine Spectator also publishes an annual list of the top 100 wines, which is highly anticipated by wine enthusiasts.

🍷 ( – Jancis Robinson is a highly regarded wine critic and Master of Wine. Her blog,, provides a wealth of wine information, including tasting notes, articles on wine regions, producer profiles, and wine industry insights. It offers a combination of free and subscription-based content, showcasing Robinson’s expertise and extensive knowledge.

🍷 The Wine Cellar Insider ( – The Wine Cellar Insider, created by Jeff Leve, focuses on providing in-depth wine reviews, tasting notes, and coverage of Bordeaux wines. It offers a comprehensive database of Bordeaux wine ratings and profiles, as well as articles on other wine regions. The blog also features interviews with winemakers and offers insights into the latest wine releases.

🍷 Wine Enthusiast Magazine ( – Wine Enthusiast Magazine is a well-established publication that covers various aspects of wine, spirits, and travel. Its blog offers a wide range of content, including wine reviews, buying guides, cocktail recipes, and wine and food pairing advice. Wine Enthusiast also features lifestyle articles and explores emerging trends in the wine industry.

🍷 Reverse Wine Snob ( – Reverse Wine Snob is a popular blog dedicated to finding and reviewing value wines. It focuses on budget-friendly wines that offer great quality for the price. The blog emphasizes wines that are accessible and enjoyable for everyday wine drinkers and provides recommendations across different wine styles and regions.

🍷 The Wine Anorak ( – The Wine Anorak, run by wine writer Jamie Goode, covers a wide range of wine-related topics, including tasting notes, wine science, winemaking techniques, and industry insights. The blog delves into wine regions, grape varieties, and explores the cultural and scientific aspects of wine. It offers thought-provoking and informative articles for wine enthusiasts.

🍷 Terroirist ( – Terroirist is a wine blog that focuses on wine news, commentary, and wine reviews. It covers various regions and grape varieties, highlighting the stories behind the wines and the people who produce them.

Image: Kelsey Knight/Unsplash

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