It’s all about the botanicals

Palo Cortado gin

Extremely please to secure this coverage for distillery client In The Welsh Wind, which showcased their award-winning Signature Style gins – and some from the Eccentric Spirits Collection.

It is beautifully written and with world gin day on June 11 – couldn’t be better timed.

The success in securing this kind of coverage was built on two strong factors. Firstly, I’d previously worked with the title before and therefore the bond and ability to deliver content put the prospect of In The Welsh Wind being selected to be part of this gin feature.

The second element is the client themselves. It is important in reviews to be able to provide good size samples of your product. If you have no samples, then the chances of being selected and getting coverage in titles diminish. Another strong element with In The Welsh Wind is photography. They work with a professional photographer and have produced a range of product and lifestyle shots in both portrait and landscape.

This combination is perfect for quality media relations and for the right outcome for the client. Enjoy the article.

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